Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to our Terms and Conditions

  • All ticket sales are final; Next Wave regrets that it is unable to facilitate exchanges or refunds, except in exceptional circumstances such as show cancellation.
  • All events in the Next Wave program are general admission.
  • The advertised ticket price includes all booking fees. Credit card or transaction fees may apply if booking through partner providers.
  • Valid Proof of Concession must be presented when collecting or buying tickets.
  • Concession discounts apply to children 14 and under, full-time students, seniors, pensioners, Healthcare Card holders and MEAA members.
  • Companion and Carer Card holders qualify for concession priced tickets. Companion Card holders also receive a complimentary ticket for their companion. To book, please call (03) 9329 9422 during office hours or email ticketing@nextwave.org.au. The companion ticket must be booked at the same time as the purchased ticket.
  • Next Wave offers Green Tickets to select events for a flat fee of $20 per ticket,  when you travel to the show in an environmentally friendly way. Proof of transit must be shown to a Next Wave volunteer upon arrival at the venue. Proof of transit may take the form of a myki card, bike helmet, skateboard etc.
  • Next Wave guarantees that your personal details will never be sold to a third party or passed on for marketing purposes. Our ticketing provider Ferve Tickets handles your personal and payment details securely. For full details about their Security and Privacy Policy please see here.
  • Next Wave presents work with and in a number of partner organisations/venues. We defer to venue staff and the venue’s entry protocols during the festival presentation period.
  • Venues reserve the right to refuse entry if:
    • you are unable to produce a valid ticket, or verify your name against a venue’s door list
    • you cannot provide proof of concession where a concession ticket has been purchased
    • you do not meet the venue’s conditions of entry
    • a lockout applies and you arrive after the event has commenced

Ferve Tickets Terms and Conditions


Our, We, Us - is Ferve Tickets Pty Ltd (ABN 41 074 903 085) which includes our related entities, directors, officers and agents of 27/296 Bay Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192 Australia
Website - the website where you will view events and purchase tickets, usually a subdomain of ferve.tickets.
Services - the browsing, selection and purchase and delivery of event tickets and related items; management of bookings, tickets and other personal information.

Your agreement to these terms

By using our Website or Services or purchasing tickets, you agree to these terms and conditions, as well as the Event Organiser Terms and Conditions available above, and the Ferve Tickets Security and Privacy Policy available at https://ferve.tickets/event-ticketing-by-ferve-tickets/

Services Provided

We operate and maintain a secure website and service for the sale of tickets, passes, merchandise, gift vouchers, membership, and in certain conditions, donations, for Event Organisers.
We supply payment processing, ticket generation, and other services to facilitate the sale of tickets for Event Organisers.

Acceptable use of Services

You agree that you will use the Website and Services provided only for their intended use, and will not abuse, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with the operation of the Service, nor engage in any illegal activity by using the Service, including hacking into the website or disrupting service by repeatedly requesting pages or content, nor use bots, spiders or other automated systems to either purchase or disrupt the purchase of tickets.

Payment Processing

All payments are processed through secure card payments systems by Ferve Tickets Pty Ltd.  For further information please see our Privacy and Security policy located at https://ferve.tickets/event-ticketing-by-ferve-tickets/. Ferve Tickets is responsible for card purchases, refunds on event cancellations, card statement enquiries, and chargebacks.
Each ticket you purchase on this website may be subject to fees and charges which are non-negotiable and non refundable in the event of a refund or cancellation.  All prices are stated in the currency applicable on the checkout where you are entering your card details.

Event Variations

We cannot offer any compensation or be liable in any way for events which have any variation (including postponement) from that which is described by the Event Organiser during the on sale period.  In this case you should contact the Event Organiser to discuss your concerns.


Refunds may be allowed by the Event Organiser and/or under Australian Consumer Law (if applicable).  Please contact the Event Organiser to discuss your specific circumstances for a refund as any obligation for a refund rests solely with the Event Organiser.  You agree that when applicable, booking fees or other surcharges for processing tickets to the original purchase are not refundable, and are a cost of supplying the Services, including the refund.


Where an event is cancelled, you are entitled to a refund.  When we are notified by an Event Organiser that an event is cancelled, we will work with that Event Organiser to ensure that all tickets are promptly refunded.  This should be within 2-3 business days of when the event is cancelled by the Event Organiser.  Once your refund is processed normal credit card processing for refunds apply, which means it may take another 3-5 business days for the refund to show on your card statement.  If a refund fails to appear on your statement after that time, please contact us.  If we believe the refund has been processed successfully, then you will then need to speak to the issuer of your card in order to chase up the refund.


Exchanges of tickets may be permitted by the Event Organiser, either via self exchange on our website or via an assisted exchange over the phone.
In such a case you agree to pay any fees associated with the exchange of tickets, and that the tickets to the original event or other items purchased become null and void at the time the exchange is processed.

Intellectual Property

You agree that the System and all non third party content contained within it is our intellectual property and is owned or licenced by us.
You will refrain from copying, modifying, re-publishing, iframing, distributing or communicating any part of the Website or Services or information contained within in any way that may infringe our intellectual property.  You are given permission to download or access content as part of the normal operation of this Website and Service.

Third Party Content

Event organisers may link to or incorporate third party content in event descriptions, images or other parts of the System.  This third party content is provided ‘as is’, without any warranties as to the suitability of the content, or its legal use. You indemnify us against any action for the use of third party content by an Event Organizer or other party.

Reselling or Scalping Tickets

Reselling or scalping tickets from this website is expressly prohibited and will result in termination of your access to the Services and potential legal action.
Should you wish to refund tickets please contact the Event Organiser to discuss your circumstances for a refund rather than attempting to resell tickets.

Termination of services

We may terminate or suspend your rights to use the Services we provide at any time if you breach these terms, if you misuse or abuse the Services, including for any illegal activity, or if your use of the Services would expose us to legal liability.

Inconsistency, Severability and Survival of Terms

If an Event Organiser Terms and Conditions are in conflict or inconsistent with these Ferve Terms and Conditions, then these Ferve Terms and Conditions will prevail over the Event Organiser conflicting or inconsistent terms.
All other provisions of these terms continue to survive in the case of any severability of a specific term, or the termination of your use of the Services.

Liability and Indemnity

Our entire liability (including us and our related entities, directors, officers and agents) to you will be, to the maximum extent permitted by law, be limited to the fees you have paid us as booking fees, but not including credit card surcharges, which may be added depending on the organizer, for a period of not more than the preceeding 12 months.  This includes for any loss or damage including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss, in tort (including if we are negligent), arising from your use of or inability to use the website or Services we provide.
Under Australian Consumer Law (when applicable), we limit the remedies available to you to the cost of supplying the services again, or supplying the services again.

Force Majeure

Where we are unable to provide services because of a force majeure event, for example, fire, flood, loss of connectivity or banking network outage, terrorist attack or war, act of God, or other disruption or disaster, we are not responsible for failure to fulfil any obligations under this contract.

Governing Law

This agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.